Our poor Mother Earth is in pretty bad shape.
Greenzee is a miniature version of our Big Blue Marble the entire planet condensed on a distant island.
Icecaps border swamplands, penguins live in perfect harmony with their frog neighbors, and fish leap around on the prairies.
As its name suggests, Greenzee Island is inhabited by Greenzees, who are there to keep watch over everything. They can’t believe the abuse that our dear Mother Earth has been taking what with oil slicks, polluted rivers, expanding deserts and shrinking forests!

Their mission: to lend a helping hand to bring back the balance.

Bubble, Prolix, Eureka, Devious, Fuego and Napoleon are the pillars of the organization : a touchy fish, a chatterbox rabbit, a dippy frog, a wily imp, an angry fox and a totalitarian penguin.
Together, this boisterous bunch makes up the Bubble Team.

A situation on Earth taking a turn for the worse? Ping! The Bubble Team hears the alarm…


Each new episode is a new mission and the start of a new adventure!
The Greenzees receive alarms from a volcano on their island: whenever a situation on Earth reaches critical levels, an alert message is ejected out of the volcano. Like an eruption, it starts with a rumbling sound and is followed by an explosion that can be heard across the whole island.

This message, in the form of a roll of paper called a schmurtz, is liable to land anywhere or on anyone at any time.
While any one of the island is inhabitants may receive the message, when it comes to solving these little environmental enigmas, it is best to hand it over to the Team after all, there’s strength in numbers (also true of brain cells) and that is when the Bubble Team springs into action.
As soon as the volcano starts rumbling, the four main characters drop everything and race to the ìkouassaî tree in the prairie by the pond. That is where team leader, Bubble meets up with Eureka, Prolix, and Devious so they can read the message together.

Once the problem has been established, they start looking for an appropriate solution.
Ceux-ci ont pour mission, à leur tour, de l’appliquer chez eux en grandeur nature…

Le relais est passé.
Chacune des problématiques proposées est toujours en lien direct avec la vie quotidienne des enfants : comment éviter le gaspillage de l’eau lorsque l’on se lave les dents, comment trier ses déchets, pourquoi manger des fruits de saison, éteindre les lumières, pourquoi protège-t-on des espèces…

Bref : comprendre que ce qui nous entoure est finalement drôlement fragile. Assez fragile pour que même un enfant puisse devenir un protecteur sacrément efficace !!!

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