Laurent Amar

Laurent Amar – Producer of Acting

Laurent AmarI am Laurent Amar, Founder of
I always evolved in the world of the cinema and Television. This environment Fascinates me as that of the show business.
I like the presence of the artists, because I think that it is them who make To dream about people and gives them of the enjoyment and of pleasures as any other one Business.

When we have create, Nicolas Goldstein and I even, the Web tv Actingcity, we wanted that it is a friendly site or all him(it) Actors and Actress can join it and had so one Space on Web.
In what purpose? Simply in that to make know more Quickly with everything the professionals of the cinema, the theater and of The television.

Since the launch of the site one and a half year ago, we have one Community of more than 500 comedians, what proves on one hand that Actingcity project is a big success, and on the other hand, the need That had the actors and the actresses to be able to communicate on the web.

Revealing his artist’s profile with the casting directors.
But I believe that the peculiarity of actingcity and what in fact sound Success with his members, it is good on the possibility of Download his videos.

Indeed, Actingcity is the only site or almost every profile arranges(has) Of a video professional or the comedian appears at the Internet users, or More simply, an extract of shows, movie or television series in Who he appears.
We can really say that the mission of actingcity is carried out, to serve Of flat shape of communication for future stars of the French cinema.