Alexandre Osmose Barkha

Could you introduce yourself

After studying Graphic Art, I joined an animation studio specializing in pre-production. After several years working as propsman and designer, I integrate a web TV in 2000 when I realized my first Web series, and discovers the flash animation.

Then I started working freelance in various areas of audio visual (live and post-production) and the same time I directed a short film, The Street, which allowed me to collaborate with studios in Paris Character designer and as a director on pilots.

Since I develop my own projects as a writer and literary graphic 2D and 3D and I realize trailers (CGI and motion) for a videogame company in Montreal.

How do you see the convergence between internet, mobile and animation in the next future for our Industry ?

To me, everything is changing, and the animation is at a stage where technology becomes accessible to all, the talent is spread pale when one thinks and communicate easily via the internet. It was therefore expected that the products “market” for a wide audience uses the media to grow and vice versa.

A movie or an animated series can not be conceived only as a standalone product, but only part of a comprehensive system involving all forms of promotion in order to promote profitable and effectively address the flood of web content.

Is France a land for new concept and innovation for the Animation Industry ?

France is a pool in my opinion, so much talent right out of schools. I run year after year young people who have more talent than many had not their age (including myself) The European culture not to mention the French and the curiosity of local artists to go elsewhere are important factors. Innovating to stand out is that all people in the creative industry seeks to do. To talk about something more concrete aid to innovation and other trading system also allow these talents to assert themselves. Including the hub for creating the festival in Annecy.

From my side I wanted to come to Canada to open the door, discover many other things and maybe find the inspiration, the little extra. Nevertheless, all these talents in France as competition increasingly important and the opportunities to do live action and advertising in addition to the animation attracted me here in Montreal.

Could you tell us more about your next project ?

I am currently finishing a short film featuring the characters of two French artists exiled to NYC, and Koralie SupaKitch not to name them. I am developing a series project with teen Subsequence here in Montreal, a series that just was inspired by my life here.
I continue to develop projects with some French clubs as Shoot the Boss (of which I directed the pilot of the series the how and why that was selected at Annecy this year) and many other things the creation of hope my future studio.

I am also in charge of the trailers for games that Gameloft takes me some time but I would say, I can write and finding time for me. Also, in parallel, I do a lot of graphics and I am preparing exhibitions, T shirts etc. … I think not liking inaction.